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  State of Idaho Military Division  
  CORS - Survey Grade Reference Station Files - Boise, Idaho  
  Site Details:    
Datum:  WGS-84 Elevation Mask:  0
  Latitude:  43  33'  32.64562" N Logging Interval:  1s  
  Longitude:  116  13'  41.98198" W Rollover Period:  1  Hour  
  Ground Height HAE:  858.847m Antenna Ht:  0.00m Data Collected with Trimble NetR9 Receiver and a Trimble Zephyr Geodetic Antenna.  
Site Documentation
  Register as Base Station User:      
Please Register as a User to Recieve Updates/Changes/Status Reports.... New Database Implemented 03/23/2016.
  Available Data Files:      
  Rinex   Raw (Not Active at This Time)  
  File Naming:      
Rinex - each file is named using a 5130K77180YYYYMMDDHH00B.12o, n, or g,  format. 5130K77180 indicates the site. YYYY is the 4-digit year, MM the month, DD the day of the month (local day) and HH is the start hour of the data file GMT Time (24-hour format). "00" are minute placeholders (not used). The "B" is local collection identifier. The ".12" is the 2-digit year and the last character indicates: o=observation data, n=navigation data, g=glonass navigation data.
  RAW - (Not Active at this Time)   
  Data Storage:      
  Rinex Data Files are normally available online for 120 days, after which they are deleted. Older data is available only by special request. Users are encouraged to download data as soon as practicable.  
Raw Data Files (Not Active at this Time) are available online for 120 days only. No backup files are kept.  
  System Notes:      
  The Base Position was calulated from OPUS using five 24 hour files.  
  The Idaho Military Division, Environmental Management Office does not guarantee the availability of data, nor do we warrant the suitability of this data for applications not in our direct control.    
  If you have any comments please Email them to the Reference Station Administrator Nathan Bentley    
GIS Systems, Environmental Management Office, IDARNG
4715 S. Byrd Street
Boise, ID 83705-8095
(208-272-4182 or 4188)
Email for Questions, Comments, Help